About LolliPolish

The nail polish brands we carry

We started in 2019 as BowPolish stockist. Bow collection of nail lacquer is so unique and special that is totally different from what we have on market. There are so many special effects like thermal, solar, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, reflective, etc. Many colors even have 2 effects in one bottle. Even better, they are all 5-Free, Cruelty-Free and Vegan. So we decided to introduce it to the world and has been widely recognized ever since. So is the upcoming Dance Legend brand from the same manufacturer.

One year later, LolliPolish own product line was born with Cocktail thermal collection, What’s your zodiac sign linear holo collection and Turn on the lights reflective collection.


Why we bring Korean semi-cured gel nail strip

Over the years, we were constantly being asked if we also offer gel polish. Our customers now need more than polish, but easy-to-apply all-in-one manicure & pedicure solutions for all needs.  We don’t always have the time or funds to have regularly spoiled tips and toes in a nail salon. Why not get a brilliant at-home manicure & pedicure if you have the right products (and maybe a glass of wine) ready?

Gel nail art could be difficult with designing and painting. We ask ourselves why not go one step further? What if we can simply stick, cure and go, even for total beginner? We believe it's the future of manicure. 

This is when Zinipin Gellight from Korea got our attention. With highest standards of beauty industry, unique ingredients, tech innovation and fierce competition in local market, K-beauty is know for its premium beauty products.


Our mission

Our mission remains the same. We’re still making — and always will be making  — DIY manicure easy and affordable so you can enjoy your life.