LolliPoints Rewards

Turn your passion of nail beauty to real points. Join our rewards program today to begin earning and make the most of each penny you spent. 

How to work?

1. Sign Up

2. Earn LolliPoints

Start earning LolliPoints by purchasing and participate in events.

3. Get Rewards

Redeem your LolliPoints. Turn those LolliPoints into awesome rewards. 

How to earn?

 Action Points
Spend $1 on 5 Points
Sign Up 40 Points
Celebrate a birthday 40 Points
Follow on Facebook
40 Points
Share on Facebook 
40 Points
Share on Twitter
40 Points
Follow on Instagram
40 Points


How to spend?

100 Points = $1. You earn $1.00 off entire order for every 100 points redeemed. Apply to all orders with no minimum.

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